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Hasselblad Foundation, Göteborg, Sweden. 7826 Synes godt om · 25 taler om dette. The Hasselblad Foundation was established in 1979 with the mission to promote research and education in the fields of 24 Augusti 2011 07:30 Hasselblad Center visar Marie Andersson Antichambre. Utställningen Antichambre är den första större presentationen av konstnären Marie Andersson. In 1978, Victor Hasselblad died at the age of 72.

Hasselblad foundation

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13 mars 2019 · Film made in Tokyo last week with Daido Moriyama - Hasselblad Award Winner 2019. Camera/Edit: Takeshi Fukushima. Relaterade videor. The Guardian about the exhibition Daido Moriyama: A Diary curated by Louise Wolthers and Sara Walker from the Hasselblad Foundation. The exhibition due to open at Foto Colectania Foundation, Hasselbladstiftelsen bildades 1979 efter Erna och Victor Hasselblads testamente. Paret Hasselblad grundade företaget Victor Hasselblad AB och 1969 uppmärksammades Hasselbladskameran över hela After Victor Hasselblad’s passing on 5 August 1978, it was 5 years later on 8 July 1983 that Erna passed on as well.

at the Hasselblad Foundation. Moonlight. May 25 - September 22, 2019.

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In 1976, Victor Hasselblad sold Hasselblad AB to a Swedish investment company, Säfveån AB. When he died in 1978, he left much of his fortune to the Hasselblad Foundation. In 1977, the 2000 series of focal plane shutter equipped models was introduced.

Still Life/Work Life - From the Hasselblad Foundation collection

Hasselblad foundation

Hasselblad Foundation.

Det går fint att komma förbi vårt kontor på Ekmansgatan 8 i Göteborg att lämna också. Hasselblad Foundation. 1,2 tn visningar · 9 februari. 2:11. Nan Goldin on Photography. Hasselblad Foundation.
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Hasselblad Center open. EST. 1979 by Erna & Victor Hasselblad. Promotes photography and natural sciences.

Titel: Still Life / Work Life from the Hasselblad Foundation  Hasselblad Foundation. EST. 1979 by Erna & Victor Hasselblad. Promotes photography and natural sciences.
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Still Life / Work Life from the - Drottninggatans Bok & Bild

Phone: +46 31 7782150. 29 Mar 2021 About the Exhibition from the Hasselblad Foundation: The times we live in have been characterized as a period of post-truth – one in which fact-  Feast for the Eyes: The Story of Food in Photography Hasselblad Foundation, Göteborg, Sweden.

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Skickas inom 2-3 vardagar. Köp boken Still Life / Work Life from the Hasselblad Foundation Collection / No 1 av Dragana  ERNA OCH VICTOR HASSELBLADS STIFTELSE. Front Cover. Erna and Victor Hasselblad Foundation (Göteborg). 1999 - 13 pages.

www.hasselbladfoundation.se 2012-feb-17 - The Erna and Victor Hasselblad Foundation The Hasselblad Foundation promotes research in the field of photography and natural sciences. They produce exhibits and grants the prestigious Hasselblad Award. We were asked to make a logo that could represent everything they do. We started with the obvious — an ‘H’. Fler artiklar om: hasselblad foundation Naturfoto-stipendier på 150 000 kr att söka november 2, 2013 - Nyheter - Tagged: foto , hasselblad foundation , hasselbladstiftelsen , naturfoto , naturfotograf , naturfotografi , stipendie - 1 kommentar Svenska - Hasselblad Foundation .